Thursday, February 14, 2013

Apps development for smartphones (Android and Iphone)

  Apps for smartphone projects I have done working at Kaufcom, I am going to copy here some links to the apps I have done until now. You can find them in the Google play, Android market:

1) Talking Baby Twins:

2) Talking Cat Vs. Mouse:

3) Tap The Cat- Pocket Street:

4) Baby Run-Jump Star:

5) Tap The Baby:

6) Tiny Cat Run- Running Game Fun:

7) Fun Photo Booth- Fake Images:

8) Funny Photo Studio- 2 Faces:

9) My Talking Baby Music Star:

10) Fun Face Changer Extreme:

Monday, August 9, 2010

3d and 2d work

Please click on the links to see my 2d and 3d work samples.
Thank you very much in advanced.
 I hope you enjoy it:

                                Demo Reel 2010 Naiara G. Belart

DemoReel 2010 Naiara Garcia Belart from Naiara GBelart on Vimeo.

Character models Demo Reel

Character Development from Naiara GBelart on Vimeo.

3DmodelsWireframe_Demoreel_2010 from Naiara GBelart on Vimeo.


Here are some other links to 3d jobs that I have made and would like to ask you to have a look at them, Thank you.

ZivexLabs_Nanotechnology_ Atoms 3d Animation from Naiara GBelart on Vimeo.

                               SERENA DIGITAL ,MADRID

   Yoigo its a Spanish mobile company they wanted to do a series of spots in 3d in which the characters would look like if they were animated with the stop motion technique, and so they wanted the models to look like paper made characters. ( Here with sound)

Yoigo: Antenas y Marcianos 

Yoigo - Palomitas 


Yoigo Bush and Fidel

Dodot Plus Activity: Pipibusters 

(here I helped with the props that were needed, some animation and camera tracking)

Spot 'Ya es primavera 2008' El Corte Inglés ( I modeled and animated the ladybird, the dragonfly and the butterfly). 

Endesa "Para los hijos de los hijos" ( minute 1.13, designed and animated the pigeon flying)

                            LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNICATIONS, Malta
.  Designed graphics and implemented 2d animation with After Effects, for GFI Software Demo and marketing products
                                                       GFI demo:
                                                                     GFI, Mail Archiver

                                                                        GFI EndPointSecurity 

                               MECHANISM DIGITAL NYC
breakingPoint 001 structuralVsMechanical 
 This project, Breaking point, was  a documentary about 4 different cases of aircrafts which crashed for structural or mechanical reasons, I was in charge of this piece ,where I would explain visually the structural and the mechanical parts of the aircraft, taking care of the modeling, the shaders and the animation as well.

                               The Studio NYC
Developed projects from initial model design to final rendering effectively meeting client needs.
Supported Motion Capture projects coordinating live actors in their transition to 3D Motion Builder software.
Office Depot

Ice Princess

                               YMCA 3d Valletta, Malta

 I have worked in the reconstruction of the old city of Valletta ( Malta). They wanted to render all this models we were doing with a videogame engine so we will be able to virtually  walkthrough the streets as a result. Here are several examples of the project I´ve been involved in:
British city gate rendered in mov version 

Casa della giornata becoming opera house in republic street 

acmy 3 slow and BW

Jean Paul Mifsud underground test upload transparent ç


I have new 3d visual material from my latest collaborations working for both companies in NY, Mechanism Digital and The Studio.
While this site is a work in progress  please do not hesitate in contacting me if you are interested in setting an appointment for an interview where I could show you my latest projects.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Best Regards

Modeling 3D, Textures

This is a shoe design which adidas asked me for 
Elephant model and textures
This is a job for Mechanism Digital, I was in charge of modeling Timothy Mc Veigh and texturing his face for a documentary about him.
 Character Modeling
This was part of a spot for tv for Serena Digital where I had to integrate 3d with real image taking care of the modeling, textures, the ilumination and render. 
 Fantasy and cartoon characters 
Examples of cartoon characters I have made.